EFILM supports every digital camera available.  Our Image Science Department has profiled multiple cameras and shooting preferences, resulting in extensive input transforms and sizing engines that maintain the latitude and integrity of the images captured from different sensors, bit sizes, file formats, and color spaces - enabling directors and cinematographers freedom of choice with an infinite amount of looks.

Depending on the needs of the project, artists can work directly from RAW native camera images, or process to specific formats that best support the post production pipeline.  Building upon a continuously growing matrix of colorimetric data, our image processing tools deliver the highest quality images with regards to MTF and color fidelity, regardless of format.

EFILM was originally born from a visual effects business (CIS), which better equips us to understand the requirements necessary to support the fast paced, detail oriented artistry of visual effects.  The VFX deliveries associated with digitally acquired motion pictures require more collaboration and vendor support than ever before.  Our dedicated team of project managers provides the highest level of customer service to ensure expedient deliveries of VFX turnovers.  This, combined with the support of our highly skilled Image Science Department, makes EFILM the strongest digital laboratory in the world.