EFILM’s clients benefit from access to Deluxe’s global private network, a 10 Gig network that includes trans-atlantic optical connectivity. Deluxe’s private network is an unprecedented advancement for the entertainment industry enabling the transfer of massive volumes of encrypted data across continents, rapidly and cost-effectively. This high speed solution is capable of transferring one terabyte of uncompressed content in 38 minutes. A one-hour 2K data file is 1.3 terabytes. As post production schedules become exceedingly more complex with multiple versions of the movie required in today’s exhibition market, our global connectivity offers security and transfer speed of uncompressed files without the headache of shipping delays and airline disruption.

This network also provides the backbone to EFILM’s real-time, encrypted, remote color timing sessions, and its virtual locations at Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox Studios and Skywalker Ranch, allowing for grading 2D and 3D images in full P3 color gamut.

We’ve perfected the viewing LUT across several platforms of display devices allowing a colorist to work on a show in Hollywood while the Creative is half way around the world, viewing the same image as the colorist in real-time. The collaboration maximizes time spent by all and improves the workflow efficiency.