The inception of Imaging Science at EFILM is based on a simple concept:

What you see is what you get.

EFILM’s history of Image Science runs deep. From color mapping standard definition images for film negative to the final delivery of Digital Cinema masters, our solutions for color are endless. EFILM has an unparalleled ability to take images from the source to final destination maintaining the image color and quality as intended.  The partnership between science, art, and concept is now more important than ever as workflow and budgets become increasingly constrained and through diligence, the EFILM Image Science Group is consistently in pursuit for knowledge of color space, capture devices and deliverable mediums.

Before Digital Cinema was the dominant release format, EFILM’s Image Science Group was already seamlessly mapping film captured shows for Digital Cinema and Film release- creating a unique experience where Colorist and Creative could better focus on the art of film making.

Our Image Science Group is able to remove any roadblocks to the color process for the creative, colorist, and visual effects vendors alike. We take multiple sources and multiple release formats from a given show and transform them into a single entity upon ingest. Our proprietary viewing LUTs allow for multiple VFX shots from multiple origins to be seamlessly tied into one color pipeline for the project.

The groundbreaking work of the EFILM Imaging Science Group now allows a show to color grade for 2D Digital Cinema, 3D Digital Cinema, Film-out, and Video release all based on the same look - and convert the looks to optimize for specific delivery mediums.

Worldwide Color:

We’ve perfected the viewing LUT across several platforms of display devices allowing a colorist to work on a show in Hollywood while the Creative is half way around the world, viewing the same image as the colorist in real-time. The collaboration maximizes time spent by all and improves the workflow efficiency.