EFILM offers a full complement of laboratory and digital cinema services through its parent Deluxe Entertainment Services Group.

Since its first theatrical digital release in March 2006, Deluxe has become the leading provider of digital cinema mastering, delivery, and key management services for the motion picture industry.

Clients are the major motion picture studios, many of the leading independent production companies and post production facilities. Deluxe's integration with studios and their booking systems allow distributors to seamlessly provide digital content to exhibition through the existing infrastructure.

Masters are created in various theatrical exhibition formats that include foreign language versions, screen size, and 2D and 3D formats. Digital cinema print orders are coordinated between Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Sydney for distribution to theaters around the world either by satellite or hard drive.

Deluxe's logistics expertise ensures timely delivery of digital cinema packages, and our 24 / 7 call centers provide technical support to theaters worldwide.