Our location services, known as EC3, combines the creative and technical expertise of two of the industry’s most respected post production houses - EFILM and our sister facility Company 3 - to provide a remote/location services offering unparalleled anywhere in the industry.

Through custom configured hardware and software solutions and highly skilled field technicians, EC3 provides a varied array of location services applicable to all stages of production. In short, we bring the same level of commitment, collaboration, customer service, and quality that EFILM and Company 3 clients have come to expect, to anywhere you need us to be.

Location Services include:

  • On-Location Data Management Carts
  • On-Location Camera Capture Pre-Visualization
  • On-Location Dailies Deliverables
  • Remote Viewing Packages
  • Monitor and Projector Calibration
  • Education and Training

For more information contact:

Marc Ross

Dave Grove